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Re: Anybody want books/additional media about life on "Earth?"

Killer Koinek wrote: View Post
Look, you can really postulate whether everyone gave up their tech or whether a small group just said "Fuck....errr....Frak Lee Adama. I don't want to die because I get Tuberculosis".
Yes, because if there's one thing that'll protect the Colonials from lung diseases, its building a city and recreating a technological society on an uninhabited planet. Except for how, that time they did build a city and attempt to recreate a technological society, Sam Anders almost died of pneumonia.

I would've actually let that one slide if you stuck with malaria, but it was just too tempting a callback.

Kelso wrote: View Post
It would be worth the read just to find out if there was *one* jackass on the planet that was still pining for the marvelous technological lifestyle they left behind.
I'm guessing he'd probably be lynched by some people from the mining ship, or the refinery ship, or anyone else who's biggest problem on the exodus wasn't boredom. Hell, probably a few people from the nice ships that were stir-crazy from the boredom might join in, too.
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