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Re: Anybody want books/additional media about life on "Earth?"

David cgc wrote: View Post

"Hey. Yeah, you, the asshole that's been eyeballing me all day. Why don't you go down to the river and drink up a bunch of water and think about how nice that it's not rationed to a thimble a day. If you're still pining for the paradise of the Fleet after that, come back here and we'll make you a nice cozy two-by-six box to stay in with all the comfort you grew accustomed to on the way here."

I was originally going to answer "no" to the OP's question... but you just talked me into it.

It would be worth the read just to find out if there was *one* jackass on the planet that was still pining for the marvelous technological lifestyle they left behind.

It would probably be that same joker who was running the "Surrender to the Cylons!" movement back in Season Two. Oh wait, I think he was actually blown up by a Cylon.
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