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Re: Anybody want books/additional media about life on "Earth?"

LOL @ David cgc

I would be interested in a book or two. Did Bill ever come in contact with any natives/have any kids? Did he just live by himself until he died? Did he ever build a cabin?

Did Lee father any children, or eventually take a Raptor to Greece?

I like the Galen, King of Scotland idea Wonder if he had anything to do with this:

Did Helios, err I mean Helo and Athena have any more kids? Perhaps a son (whom they called Phaėton perhaps?) who accidentally died while joyriding in an abandoned Raptor or something (hence the story of Helios' chariot)?

I could certainly see some interesting parallels between fleshing out some ancient mythology (from around the world) with some better-known characters to further tie them to us. As it is, I'm already more interested in paleoanthropology than I was before the finale. . . maybe the same could be done in other fields. . . like tying together post-earth BSG and anything interesting from here:
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