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Re: "the music" was well used/explained IMO

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Well, I was hugely disappointed with the music in the finale. It was way too subtle, bothing stood out unlike previous episodes such as Exodus Pt 2 or Revelations.

I really *really* hated the fact they used the 1978 music to help guide Galactica to her fate. This show has grown beyond the original. Bringing it back then only reminded us this show is borne from another show, and it was just unnecessary.

It felt like Bear had taken a break for this last episode. Really did.
couldn't be more wrong. You forget that bear has written in the old theme as the colonial anthem long ago, in season 2, and it appeared in the miniseries during the ceremonial fly-by scene.

The colonial anthem has become the galactica's theme. When ever we have seen her in a different way we have heard the colonial theme, such as in the razor flashbacks, the fly by, and then her end.

"its about the characters, stupid"

the style of the music that bear took for the entire show, was based off of characters having their own themes and rifts. At some points they become like a conversation in a song, As apparent towards the end of Blood on the Scales, where you hear the conversation between Geata, Zarek, and then Adama & co. aproaching the CIC.

Bear kept up this same style in this episode where he used characters themes, and themes from similar scenarios: Such as the shape of things to come, for the opera house with the final five them mixed in, Luara's religious / kobol theme at the fountain, and then the many starbuck rifts.

i think the score for the last episode follows grand finale, where in a musical finale they show what we have seen through out the entire score(s)/movement(s)

the score conects the ending with key moments of the rest of the series, and how they relate to eachother.
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