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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

G'Day All

I've just joined your happy little band of fans. I look forward to being part of this Forum.

My name is Ian, I'm an Aussie (Australian) and just cossed into middle age. I am a Naval Historian and author, and I've been a lifetime Star Trek Fan.

I thought TNG was some of the best Trek out there. The Inner Light, I will admit, still brings a tear to my eye. Yesterdays Enterprise, the Best of Both Worlds, Face of the Enemy and Chains of Command are some of the best sci fi put out, while if you had to end a series, All good things...was the best such episode to end a series run (Those that watched Blake's 7 know what I mean.)

There used to be large Star Trek clubs here in Perth, where I live, but they all got shut down in 1996 by the Authorities due to the clubs broadcasting episodes (yes they did, but we were at least five years behind the US in Trek, it was the only way we'd get to see them before the turn of the century) I used to write fan fiction for the club magazines, some of which might find its way onto this Forum (in the right place of course)

So to end this post...
I love the Romulans, but am cool with Klingons.
I love the Galaxy class starships, hate the Soveriegn class, looks ugly.
And I think Worf is still 'not a merry man!'

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