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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Cold Fire (*)

Talk about a waste of potential. The female Caretaker was set-up in the pilot episode and I just assumed that they intended to do something better with her. On the one hand you have a perfectly passable story about Kes and her new abilities brought about by meeting some powerful Ocampas. This is interesting enough to have an episode on this subject alone.

But the story about the female Caretaker is a complete waste of what should have been an important facet of the series, and if my memory serves correctly this is the last time we will ever see her. She should have been saved until the finale in order to bring the show full circle, at the very least she should have had a story arc built around her. She should not have been used like this.

She wants to destroy Voyager for killing the original Caretaker? Really? She comes aboard the ship in the form of a little girl with a big evil voice? Really?! Urgh. Bad bad bad!

Minus one full star for the evil little girl crap. Plus half a star for throwing Neelix across the room.
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