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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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How's the tweaking coming along? What about the insides of the nacelles, are you gonna use Mandel's blueprints to make a "complete" virtual "E"? Inquireing minds want to Know.
I have NO idea what you're talkin about!
And I love Star Trek too... go figure!
Geoffrey Mandell did a sheet of blueprints for the interior of the nacelles, partly based on scenes from the animated series, but worked out somewhat more logicly. These were later sometimes added to the FJ plans to 'complete' them, as was the idea, I guess? You can find them, (with FJ's plans). for fixing your links, can't help you there. I'm stiil figuring out haw to use my computer, and Im about 10 to 15 years behind everybody else.
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