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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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BSG has a much bigger cast than any of the Trek shows, amd accomplished an insane amount of character development for almost all of them in a mere 70-some odd episodes.

Not to try to start a BSG/Voyager comparison argument but you're argument that ~150 episodes just isn't enough for 9 cast members is kind of proven wrong by the example of BSG.
have to take your word for it. never saw BSG, never want to.
Lets just say that none of the characters on BSG are the same person at the end as they were in the beginning. The character arcs of people such as Baltar, Tigh and Gaeta were very well realised. The show was by no means perfect on a plot level, but its characters were very well taken care of.

Tattoo (**)

Pleasant. Puzzling. Preachy. Far from Perfect.

It took two generations for these alien guys to get to Earth, that's roughly 70 years, right? So they can travel at around warp 9. And in 45,000 years they developed the amazing technologies of weather control and cloaking. Technologies humans already have.

Did they spend that 45,000 years just sitting on their asses and taking peyote? They should have the technology to reach Earth in a matter of weeks by now and they could have given that tech to Voyager, but apparently not.

And just why are the rubber tree people aliens? Is this episode saying that there is a tribe of aliens living in a South American rain-forest right now?

There is some nice character moments for Chakotay which are pleasant to watch, and Neelix having a bird attempt to peck his eye out is always good for half a star, but there is a lot of strange stuff which doesn't make sense from a story context.
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