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Re: Firefly - Joss Whedon

The main reason your search didn't bring up much is that the show ended in 2002 - seven years ago. And the movie came out in 2005 - four years ago. We talked it to DEATH back then - happily and with joyous abandon. In the years between the cancellation and the movie, there were dozens of threads at any given time on all manner of different Firefly-related subjects. We tracked the DVD sales of the show religiously. We had countdown threads to the movie's release date. We talked about the conventions we went to where Browncoats ruled the day and the cast of the show were treated as super-humans. We delighted in the reports of those lucky few Browncoats who managed to get into the movie as extras. We bought multiple copies of the DVDs to give to our friends and family. We participated in viral marketing campaigns trying to get the word out about the show and the movie. We produced and followed podcasts that were wildly popular solely on the basis of being Firefly-related. We scrambled and fought for those oh-so-elusive tickets to the early screenings of Serenity, then fought the urge to read spoilers from those who had managed to see it. And then we went to the movie ourselves - as many times as we could manage - trying desperately to send the message that THIS is the kind of movie we want to see.

I think now, even four years later, we're all tired. We Browncoats have all kinda turned into Mal in a way - we fought our battle valiantly, and in the end we lost. But we still have our ship, and we mean to just continue. No more heroic battles. No more desperate cries against the injustice of it all. It is what it is. We have our memories. It was a good run. But the passion has cooled, and we've moved on.

At least, that's how I feel about it.
This is our small proof, not only that things can be done differently in this business, but that the greatest expression of rebellion is joy.
- Joss Whedon, in his Emmy acceptance speech for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
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