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Re: Firefly - Joss Whedon

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Man you guys are quick draw McCalls LOL

Its just odd to cancel something in the middle of the season and not greenlight all the shows then pull the plug for next season.

Do you think westernizing the space concept was a benefit or part of the demise?
I think it was brilliant. I'm not a westerns fan, but there's something very attractive about Whedon's approach with Firefly. I love it, and would have happily watched it much longer than it's single season.

That's not what he asked. He asked if the approach helped it or hurt it's chances of success, not whether or not you liked it. I would argue it hurt it's chances.

I don't find it very productive to ask Firefly fans (or fans of anything) why the show (or whatever) was cancelled. To them, everything was perfect and it was all the network, exterior circumstances, etc. It's fine if people loved the show, I just don't think those are necessarily the people you want to ask about it's faults and the reasons why people didn't watch it.

Believe it or not, I know people who watched the entire series and don't like it, wouldn't watch it again. I know people who watched the first few episodes on TV and then never watched again. It wasn't because of scheduling, they knew nothing of behind the scenes politics, they simply didn't like the show, the characters, the themes, whatever. I'm one of these people, so shoot me.
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