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Re: Honor Harrington casting call

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As much as I like David Mattingly's covers,
Even the "Michael Jackson with a pistol" one?
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I don't think he has ever captured the Honor that Weber describes, and it's that Honor that I'd like to see if they ever were to make a movie (or perhaps a TV series).
Me, too. But good luck casting a 15-18 year old 6ft tall half-Asian female who can do martial arts, fence, and sword-fight convincingly, who has Honor's oblivious charisma, and who can just plain act in general.

I really sympathize with those who keep saying Jolie. I personally wouldn't want Brangelina anywhere near the project, she's too old, and her breasts are too big, but at least she is close to the right height, half-Asian, and has the acting and martial chops.

I know what we're going to have to do: travel to the Honorverse, and kidnap the real Honor to play herself.

Are Chuck Norris and Horatio Caine available? We're going to need to take them with us, if we're to have a prayer of succeeding.
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