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Re: TNG possible remaster Ent.-D CGI model

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I'm fairly sure that Tomalak was saying that they should start from scratch on a CGI model that is based only on the 6 foot model of the E-D.
I meant "build" in terms of a new CGI model, not a physical one.
USS Mariner thanks for posting the Foundation Imaging CGI model of Voyager NCC-74656 used on the series. Lighting is really everything. That applies to any CGI ships in space on any series, not just their movement but the lighting helps show their movement from Sun(s). CGI work came a long way in the 1990s and up to 2009. The renderings have gotten better of the physics movement, texture and lighting effects as well as atmospheric effects (gas, mist, smoke). The CGI model itself can be an older model in Lightwave 3D software and just have better lighting and atmospheric effects done with todays updates and much faster rendering speeds due to new graphics processing chips.

from the first post on this thread.
Eden FX's Gabriel Köerner built a new CGI LightWave model for the Enterprise-D's appearance in Star Trek: Enterprise's series finale, "These Are the Voyages...".
in 2004.

I believe CBS Digital made their own Enterprise 1701 for the TOS-R new CGI FX work since a model was not made by Paramount of the original ship for any of the feature films. I would think if CBS Digital did remaster any TNG episodes they would use Gabriel Köerner's 2004 CGI model of Enterprise-D without changes. They would probably just license it from Eden FX.
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