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Is there some animosity here about Firefly? Some of the comments appeared to be sarcastic and unclear. Thanks!
If you sense any sarcasm it's just because it seems like every week someone new drops in with a thread about how they just found Firefly and how awesome it is. And it can sometimes turn into a can of worms. We're jaded like that

But I and many others genuinely love the show, so if you've got any other thoughts beyond the cancellation and whether or not anyone liked it I'm sure you'd find lots of takers for discussion!
You know I did a search to avoid just that very thing and came up with very obscure info. Maybe if there was a major Thread I could have read some thought already discussed. Did I over look something? I have lot to say about the show (mostly because I'm tired of discussing the same shows already dominating this forum) but I want to have an official Thread to post in - you know those header threads in bold. I want to reach the right people. till then... what's your thoughts on why the show was cancelled
You're not going to get an official thread. The show is long over and doesn't really warrant something like that anymore. But if you want to go ahead and talk about it, feel free!

The show was mostly canceled because not a lot of people watched it. The episodes were aired out-of-order, and it was occasionally pre-empted by FOX for other shows. For a show with only 13 (?) episodes, that's like a death sentence.

However, it sold remarkably well on DVD and had enough fan support that the movie "Serenity" was able to be made.
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