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Re: Honor Harrington casting call

My biggest objection to Angelina Jolie is fer cryin' out loud can we get her off the screen for a week??? Sure, she's hot. But how many times does she have to be cast as the female lead of a genre or action film? 100s of out-of-work actresses and the best we can come up with is Angelina again?

As for how important Honor's heritage is ... from my reading of most of the novels, it's a fairly constant component of Weber's visualization of her. Her mother isn't just of Asian heritage - she's full-blooded Japanese, and the contrast of her petite physique with that of her daughter is noteworthy to any and all who meet them both. Honor's mixed heritage, with her prominent almond eyes, is a hugely influencing factor in her psychology - she isn't just shy, but seriously introverted based upon her appearance and her 'exotic' features; she's always thought they made her unattractive, and it's that inner view of herself that colors much of her interactions outside her military safety net, where she knows that she's being judged on her abilities rather than her appearance.

As much as I like David Mattingly's covers, I don't think he has ever captured the Honor that Weber describes, and it's that Honor that I'd like to see if they ever were to make a movie (or perhaps a TV series).
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