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did they ever mention if this was a federation only operation or is time travel in the future a piece of tech that other factions/races/organizations are able to use and have at their arsenal?
...a small Vulcan time-ship (presumably Spock's, seen in the November and March trailers) and the Narada (Nero's ship, originally a mining vessel of some sort and not originally intended for time travel) and I think that's all we've been told about, officially speaking.
i meant the relativity. it seems like a federation ship but not sure if it's one of those things that may be built by federation but under the scrutiny of various other factions like how the stargate may be based in the united states but there is an international committee overseeing it's general operation and use.
Okay, I see. The Relativity is a Federation Starfleet ship with a Starfleet crew, but the Memory Alpha article also mentions that the ship's dedication plaque contains reference to a Temporal Integrity Commission, the exact nature of which is not explained.
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