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Re: 24 - Day 7: 10:00PM - 11:00PM: Discussion and Spoilers

Hey all, sorry I wasn't here tonight. Buddy came over and we watched it on time-shift.

Good episode. Like many here my buddy and I expected Trip to die, especially with the setup with the pregnant wife, the guy just wanting to do his family good, etc. Was pleasantly surprised that he survived.

I suspect, probably not too much of stretch, that Jack isn't exposed to the BIOLOGICAL WEAPON. Either he was just exposed to the device's refrigerant, the bio weapon isn't a virulent as we may suspect, or it was a benign decoy device. Obviously there's no way Jack was exposed to something severe and will die. At "worst" it'll slow him down over the rest of the "day" and he'll be cured between seasons. Anyone remember his severe heart trouble at the end of Season 2?

And, yeah, Harvey is definitely coming around to the Ways of Jack.

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