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Re: "the music" was well used/explained IMO

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"there's too much confusion" sung on the closeup to the most realistic looking robot...

"Businessmen, they drink my wine - ploughmen dig my earth" Massively developed Times Square (and the "businessman" part related to head/angel Baltar/Six scorning commercialism/decadence)...

What do you think - or am I just seeing what everyone else has, but has thought to be far to obvious to bother posting about?

Well, I've always taken the lyrics to be Dylan condemning the commercialization of art. Though, I suppose they would be just as applicable to general commercialization and decadence.

In the BSGverse the song was 'originally' written by Anders, right? If he was involved with the others in re-creating resurrection tech. then was he a scientist? The song could be equally applicable to the misuse (or overuse) of technological advancements.

Perhaps the song was inspired by a society that would go so far as to create a new form of life only to mass-produce and market it with no regard for the soul of the creation... and the inevitable confrontation that would result.

Am I reaching?

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