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Ya know, I loved the finale, but what was sincerely lacking in it was any sense of real danger... They needed to kill one of the regulars (not Racetrack) very early on in the battle to give the idea that, hey, these guys aren't safe. Didn't necessarily need to be Helo, but it needed to be someone.
The problem is they spent season four killing of three prominent secondary characters (four if you count Zarek): Gaeta, Dualla, and Cally. Season three was spent killing off prominent tertiary characters: Duck, Jammer, and Kat. Out of the main characters, Starbuck was already dead, Roslin was dead by the end of the epiosde, Lee and Bill survived, Six and Baltar survived, and Athena lived/Boomer died.

So, I agree with you, but who would be killed doesn't immediately leap out to me.
And I agree with that sentiment. Its hard from the outset as to who that might be. I figure take a page from Serenity and kill the one character who you would least expect to kill and I've been thinking on this one for awhile: I think it should have been Lee. It should have been done in front of Kara, who would have gone all berserk. You change some story points around to have Kara make it to CIC as well, or at the very least contact Adama to let him know his son didn't make it. In fact, I like that better. Just as that's happening, you see Cavil's forces break into CIC and Bill goes apeshit. You continue on with the rest of the story as is, with the exception of having Bill lose everyone, which makes his desire to be alone even more understandable: his son's dead, Kara disappears (either to him or to Tigh) and Roslin is about to die. It makes the emotion even more resonant because out of the main 4, Adama's the only one to survive.

Or it could be Helo. Have it be definitive and tie it in with Roslin's story. Have her put the black X on his head. That packs a punch, and makes it resonate in a different way.

Either way, it says it could happen to anyone. I even thought during part where Cavil's in CIC and Baltar's waxing intellectual that Cavil was just gonna say, "Moron" and shoot Baltar in the head.
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