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Re: Honor Harrington casting call

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I'm curious how it's important that she's half Asian? And which Asian ethnicity is she?
It is not important at all. Her mother is Beowulfan. She just happens to be of Asian descent. As for Honor's appearance check out the original cover of "Field of Dishonor", that is my image of Honor.
David Weber?
Not sure what your asking. if you are asking if I am David Weber, the answer is no. If you believe I shouldn't say her Asian heritage is unimportant because I am not David Weber, I can only go by what I read in the series. The fact that her mother is genetically Asian is only apparent in her physical description. Mr. Weber makes it abundantly plain that her personality, attitude and morality are based on the norms of the planet Beowulf. While it is possible to determine that her ancestry goes back to China, that is only because her maiden name is Chou. Nowhere in the series does she speak Chinese or have any Chinese attitudes or even decorations for her home.
In fact, Mr. Weber is fond of taking names out of a grab bag and mixing them together. Such as Alfredo Yu, Edward Saganami, Allison Chou Harrington, or the blond viking guy with the entirely Japanese name that I cant remember because he was only in one scene.
Earthly ethnicity has almost no bearing in the Honorverse other that what appears to be a chance for David Weber to have fun with peoples expectations. Witness the Chinese Germans of the Andermani Empire.
As for Stephanie Jacobsen, hmm, not a bad idea.
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