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Re: Battlestar Galactica Series Finale: "Daybreak, Part II"

What an excellent unpredictable ending to this once in a lifetime series.

They say the Lord works in mysterious ways and Baltar's story sure proved it. As smarmy as Baltar was I knew he had to be special cause those head visions always gave him good advice.

But for Dr Baltar to be the one to bring about the destruction of a polytheistic system... wander the desert of space for 4 years and with his speech in the TOC to Cavil and tptb in the fleet about a single God like entity controlling events...

...Baltar becomes the center of gravity in creating a monotheist society.

Baltar's like a Noah or Moses.

All through ancient history God picked some very strange people to do his bidding...we may have judged them to be unworthy but in the end they prevailed.

The 2 hour ending was absolutely incredible. Last week I was melancholy over the fast approaching end of the series and couldn't not post my my denial's over.

Thank you have given us a masterpiece.
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