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Re: Was the ending realistic?

Well with 38,000+ people to keep track of some of that tech may have not been given up. I would imagine that not all of them would totally accept it but it would matter not. Enough of it was given up that they would lose the ability to make new stuff. Eventually all tech would have been lost to time. 150,000 years is a long time.

Certainly there were raptors, we know of at least one around near the end- the one Adama flew off in. Even if it sat in a protected place in 150,000 years there would be nothing left of it.

I don't think it too hard a stretch for them to accept the loss of technology. We haven't been through what they had. Their entire society destroyed, and by technology they created. So in the end at the place where they could conceivably go no further I can accept their choice, though if it were me personally I would not be all that happy with it. But since I did not live through what they lived through I can't say that my choice would be different otherwise.
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