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All right Michelle, you can quit beating that poor horse. It's not just merely dead. It's most sincerely dead. We get it. We get it. You're a Picard/Q shipper.

Back to the topic at hand, if you're going to have someone who is not a Trek fan or even a sci-fi fan watch an episode of TNG 'Qpid' is the episode to have them watch. Like the TOS's 'Trouble with Tribbles,' this one is pure, unmitigated fun! Vash's brazenness complements Picard's more sedate personality perfectly. She is the ideal foil for Picard's straight man. The couple has a very compelling 'battle of wills' dynamic to their relationship. The characterizations and relationship dynamics between Picard/Vash and Q is unbeatable. Star Trek at its character driven best!!!

And now for a little Picard/Vash shipping. There is that scorching, absolutely sizzling scene in the teaser between Picard and Vash in his quarters. As Picard watches Vash approach him, the sensual heat in his eyes and in his bedroom baritone practically melt the screen. And then THE KISS! That boys and girls is some seriously hot romantic chemistry!!!

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