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Re: Oh Shatner..WHY!!!!

When I was in junior high, they dragged us into the auditorium to see "Go Ask Alice." I had read the book beforehand, so the plot wasn't a surprise. I was the right age to watch it and it seemed hip and cool and relevant.

Except, here comes Alice's father and it's CAPTAIN KIRK! In a black wig. And man, he was squarer than square.

I was a new Star Trek fan (< 2 years) at that point and like all good teen girls lusted after Spock, but while Kirk seemed old enough to be my daddy (and believe it or not, he resembled my dad in looks, a lust squelcher if ever there was one! ) on the Enterprise, he was COOL.

It was a nasty surprise in an otherwise cool (at the time) movie.

I suspect the movie probably will not have dated well. I've never seen it since those long-ago days of my youth.
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