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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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So various talk 'round these parts has made me decide to start working on my Excelsior Technical Manual again after, what, two years?
This sounds like a really fun project! I've been lamenting the lack of a tech manual for the Excelsior class.

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It is tentatively titled 'Excelsior: Infinite Velocity.'
Why not Excelsior: The Great Experiment?
"Infinite velocity" evokes bad memories of a certain absurd Voyager episode that shall remain nameless.

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An in-universe 'familiarization manual' written to describe the Excelsior as deployed in 2290, replete with cross-sections and deck plans, as well as appendices describing variants and sister/tangent classes.
Here's that ole cutaway I mentioned.
If your deck plans are of a similar quality, this is going to be awesome.

The Constitution was a proven deisgn, as all but two of the original 2240s production line were still in service, and during their careers had increased the area of known space by thousands of square parsecs.
Shouldn't that be volume and cubic parsecs? And by the way, parsecs are really awkward units of measure.
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