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Re: Oh Shatner..WHY!!!!

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Let us not forget "Pray For The Wildcats", ca. 1974. Shatner, Andy Griffith (in his bad-guy phase), Robert Reed, Marjoe Gortner, motorcycles, booze, had it all.

Plus, the boys all wore shirts (red, gold, blue mock turtles with black collars) that looked strangely familiar....
Yeah..I did see that way back when. Shatner must love, and I bet he really does, looking back at his career. He's shown enough humility in his later years to probably get a kick out of some of his career...

I think, while he is still alive and kicking, he should put out, via his internet site, some of his more interesting performances with a running commentary about the time his life when he made it...why he made it...and, in the case of INCUBUS, what the hell was going on???

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