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Re: TMP's uniforms

I must say, as I always do in these threads, that the TMP uniforms were just dreadful, bland space pajamas with footies. Ridiculous! The only uniforms I liked from TMP are Kirk's admiral uniform -- too bad he couldn't have worn a captain's variant of that -- the engineering coveralls, used in the later films, and how Spock's collared tunic underneath his uniform top would've been a vast improvement if they all wore something like it underneath their uniforms.

I much prefer the colors and cut of the TWOK-TUC uniforms, esp. as they had black pants and boots. Although of those, my favorite version is the more "casual" jacket variant that Scotty mostly wore, and Kirk wore at least once in TFF. The flapjacket tunic did seem more like a dress uniform. And the less said about the landing party parkas, the better! Also, I liked how the jackets evoked The Cage landing party jackets.

Another thing I noticed is that in the old VHS packaging for TMP, there's a group shot of the crew, and Decker is wearing a golden uniform rather than the grey one seen in the film. Anyone here know anything about that?

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