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Re: Resident Evil 5

As one of the Resi Evil old guard, i detest the way the series has switched to the stupid over the top action orientated style since 4, 5 itself is playable but nothing like Resident Evil should be. I don't understand why the game is still classed as a survival horror, it's lost most of the things that made the game what it was, the feeling of isolation, scrounging for guns rather than buying them and the fantastic puzzle sequences have even bit the bullet.

Resident Evil without zombies is blasphemy (no, they're NOT zombies), hopefully Capcom will return back to the roots sooner or later, or even better, hopefully Shinji Mikami will be allowed to have some say in the development of future games, when he left, he took the essence of the series with him.

Most of the Resi newbies will love what 5 offers, a bloke with arms like tree trunks who can punch a blokes head off, but it's definately not for me.
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