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Re: Starbuck and her "feeling" for earth

I think the fleet was taken to the original earth because of the revelations it caused. The colonials and rebel cylons are looking for earth, and join together in a very shaky alliance. When they arrive at the planet, they discover that the planet has been nuked. They also learn that the original 13th tribe was Cylon and the Final Five begin to recover part of their memories. The original earth is a pretty important piece of history, because it reveals that cylons were created back in Kobol (not just by the colonials on the 12 colonies) and also reveals that the cycle of time is repeating.

I think the revelation that the 13th tribe was Cylon helped cement the alliance between the colonials and the rebel cylons. God's plan was for humanity and cylons to come together and create a new home as a combined species, but that couldn't happen unless they visited the original earth and learned what happened there.
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