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Starbuck and her "feeling" for earth

Was it ever explained why we were directed the fleet to the "wrong" earth? I mean, she stated that she flew over "our" earth. She was losing track of the way to earth in s4.0 - "We're going the wrong way!". Ok, obviously the signal from her shiny new Viper directed them to nuked-earth, and the homing signal was coming from it crashed on the surface. Perhaps this "harbinger of death" stuff was only valid if the fleet listened to her "feel" for earth in the first place? Was her destiny really to have everyone go by her viper for the location of earth, then disappear in a puff of blue smoke when she got there... or would the cycle have ended/no war with Cavil/found "our" earth happened if we actually listened to her in the first place?

(My bet is that if they listened to her, they would have found "our" earth early, and either got their asses whooped by Cavil, or the cycle would have been broken in some way...)
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