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Re: Spoiler? who here has read the good that men do?

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Having said that: I liked the Enterprise Series, I liked previous Enterprise books and I liked most of the non-Enterprise Mangels & Martin stories, so theoretically I should have a "positive bias", but the combination of the authors and the series just don't work for me and that they are focusing so much on the one part of the series which I liked the least (the Trip & T'Pol relationship) isn't helping either. By the way: based on your avatar I doubt your opinion on the books is more objective than mine.
I never even tried to be objective, and I don't consider Kobayashi Maru to be above mediocre (TGTMD is IMO much better), but I think your review was over the top, and the grade you gave it is the example of that.

Wouldn't 10% be an equivalent of 1/10? Just for comparison, the lowest rating that any movie on IMBb holds is 1.3/10.
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