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Re: Spoiler? who here has read the good that men do?

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And yes, I've read your review and found it biased.
I already answered to your opinion that it's biased in the TrekLit thread:

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First of all the basics: a review never is totally objective. Since we're all humans, of course our personal preferences play into how we perceive things. A review is just the opinion of one person (in this case me), nothing more and nothing less.

Having said that: I liked the Enterprise Series, I liked previous Enterprise books and I liked most of the non-Enterprise Mangels & Martin stories, so theoretically I should have a "positive bias", but the combination of the authors and the series just don't work for me and that they are focusing so much on the one part of the series which I liked the least (the Trip & T'Pol relationship) isn't helping either. By the way: based on your avatar I doubt your opinion on the books is more objective than mine.
ETA: And since this thread is about The Good that Men do, here's a link to my review of that one.
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