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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

So it turns out that those spoilers posted were totally inaccurate in several major cases but weirdly correct in others ... makes you think that the poster only saw a few 5 minutes segments of the actual episode ...

"Adama stays with Roslin aboard the ruins of Galactica, where she dies"? Um, no.

150,000 yrs later to NYC? Yes.

"Cavil gives them the location of a planet he knew of". Way off.

And yet he pretty accurately described the raid on the colony (save for his description of Helo's fate).

so how could he be so accurate on several aspects but completely off on others? Good speculation?

You have to guess that he never saw any of the episode, because he got one MAJOR aspect wrong (about Kara and Baltar being siblings, and the children of Daniel).
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