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Re: Spoiler? who here has read the good that men do?

^ You may be right about Archer, though I never really saw his character as truly consistent, but I don't exactly have any solid counterarguments either.
I think he may've been inconsistent occasionally, but he was in my opinion never "not himself." I never said to myself, "Wow - Archer would never do that" errr except Harbinger I thought he was over the top. I'm tough on the writers, but I do think they had a beat on Archer -- they got him. They knew his weaknesses and his strengths. Mangels didn't. I'll be interested in reading Kobashi Maru (well, not really since I haven't liked the other books he's written) ... maybe "interested" isn't the right word.

I disagree on T'Pol though. All through season 4 she appeared to be a complete emotional mess, at least to me. And in this novel, she had to deal with the fact that suddenly she was basically all alone ("mother, daughter, lover, all gone" as M%M's put it), and Archer wasn't much of a company since he was guilt-ridden over lying to others (especially her) about Trip's death. BTW, Archer delivering the (fake) sad news to Trip's parents was a powerful moment, at least to me.
I see T'Pol as a together woman who is interested in emotion, mostly because they're unusual and she doesn't quite understand them. I think T'Pol would miss Trip, but not be all-consumingly devastated by it. Afterall, she didn't seem devastated by her mother. She shed a tear and then didn't really mention it again. (No doubt she was affected, but dealt with it by exploring the Kir'Shara and being reflective about it.) To me, that's T'Pol. Having her crumble is out of character and really only serves Trip.

And you mention TATV showing the end of T'pol's transition. Well, according to this book, TATV events never happened in 2161, and they didn't happen the way they did in that holodeck simulation. The whole point of TGTMD was to rewrite TATV, the episode in which none of the ENT cast really felt "in character" to me (the least of all Blalock).
Blalock didn't hate TATV because Trip died. According to her quote, she didn't appreciate Frakes and Sirtis having center stage and didn't feel it treated her character well. I agree.

Yes, I realize it declared TATV never happened. What I meant is TATV ends an arc and kind of begins a new T'Pol based on apparently what happened in the six or so years since season 4.
Thanks, HR!
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