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Re: Ad Astra contest entry: The Exile

SLWatson wrote: View Post
...then again, maybe not.

I apologize. I had a knee-jerk reaction myself there.
Thanks...I accept.

Myasishchev wrote:
But since I did, I suppose I'll point out that it's a fascinating reversal of prejudices in the future you paint, Nerys. Is it any better to attach social approbrium to a person on account of their faith than it is on account of their desires?
Not in my opinion. Some would probably try to justify it on grounds that faith is a decision and one that they consider irrational and dangerous, but sexual orientation is not (and I think that's how people rationalize it in my version of the Trekiverse). But the thing is, they're generalizing the nutcases onto everybody, and that's where they go wrong. They're also acting in ways that they condemn when it's the other way around (religious people beating up on atheists, which of course is very wrong).

Fwiw, I forgot Sam was even a canon character. It has been almost two decades since I've seen Lower Decks.
Yeah, he's a canon character.

I think, though, that this one doesn't quite act like the canon version. Instead of becoming part of that whole huge group of friends, I think this version's early encounter with Mendral will have an effect on the way that he conducts himself. I know that one of his friends in the canon universe (Sito) was religious...but I'm not sure Sam would've had the same reaction because by that point, I think it had become known there were actual entities known as the Prophets that interacted with the Bajoran people. Mendral's faith, however, is more like Sam's: neither have anything tangible to go by. It literally is faith alone for them.
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