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Re: Battlestar Galactica Series Finale: "Daybreak, Part II"

Haw....awww....shit. They should've ended this 50 minutes early with Galactica approaching Earth that part was great They could've left it ambiguous and I could accept it.

Instead, Michael Piller rose from the grave and cowrote the rest with his luddite hands.

Yeah, everyone agrees to abandon technology. Days before they wanted to strip Galactica bare for every nut and bolt and now, because Lee Frakking Apollo suggests it...they all go along. And we accept that, because Bill Adama tells us they do. All grayness is gone. We have angels and a fresh start with nature...oo-rah.

So the colonials give Earth humans latin and Greek pantheon of gods and decide that paper can have corners. And we are all part cylon. Wheeeee!!!!

What Lee Adama gets in the end for himself...nothing. All his idealism lead to the pigeon flying out the window...him alone. No father, no Kara. A world to explore, and cavewomen to frak.

Romo has the last pair of sunglasses in the universe.

Helo better hope that leg doesn't get infected.

But that said, I think it was the gutsy choice to stick with 70's BSG's "life here began out there" and the supernatural "angels" and that Hera really was some Holy love child. Those were, contrary to the hype the show has had about "realism", hokey things to do, too. As was the last few minutes...oh no, AI is destined to plague humanity. Gee, Moore, did The Terminator and The Matrix tell us that in less than 4 seasons?

So really, it was a show about characters. Moore was right about that. The message was just the same old sci-fi cliche...don't build killer robots. We all knew that from the get go, though. All this has happened before and will happen again...we knew that, too. The 150,000 years later ending was gratuitous.

I have no desire to see Caprica. What's the point? (That's the drawback of a prequel to a series that ends with so much closure.)
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