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Re: Battlestar Galactica Series Finale: "Daybreak, Part II"

The series finale is the best episode since "No Exit" and overall I'm satisfied with how the series went out and what Moore came up with.

The Battle--What can I say--Outstanding. Film quality effects. The epic battle comprising most of the first hour was the kind of unique event that stands out among other battles because of the impressive flawless detailed visual effects sequences, the well thought tactics and game plan from the writers via the characters, the choregraphy, the actual execution and the overall visceral impact of high stakes life and death struggles. Loved the action sequences both outside among the ships and within among the colonial troops and Cylon centurions. I got a kick out of te Centurion waving on Lee's group after clearing the corridor.

Well I knew that these remaining elements not addressed and answered in "No Exit" would have to come out here and you know the funny thing a lot of them still didn't. Plot/Mythology was never really BSG's thing so I guess I should count myself lucky I didn't invest a lot in it even though what I saw I enjoyed and was certainly intrigued by. The first centering around the meaning of the Opera House was disappointing overall. I expected something more. I will say that I did like the sequence when Caprica and Baltar entered the CIC and we have the Final Five on the upper deck looking down on them bathed in the white light.

We didn't learn what happened to Starbuck. Yes she is an angel but I would have liked more to it. We didn't learn about the reason for the exodus on Kobol. We didn't learn why those Final Five out of millions on Earth were chosen by the messengers. We didn't learn why the Four were activated at the nebula. We didn't learn where the song came from. I guess Starbuck being harbinger of death was the death of a purely human race. What was Starbuck's dad's connection to the Opera House. Why send Starbuck to the first Earth? Why did she need to die to go there? Was her dad a supernatural entity or what? I mean the last few episodes were pointless and here they try to cram too much in these two hours. I can't help but think the writers could have used those episodes to work on some of the mythology.

What did work beautifully were the character moments beginning with the discovery of Earth.--Roslin's death was beautifully done with her being the only thing dying amid all this vibrant vivid thriving life on their newly found home , the cinematography was great, Starbuck and Lee's final moment and him turning around to see that she was gone. Loved the twist that our Earth was colonized by another group of humans from Kobol and the twelve colonies and that in a clever twist of messing with out heads we learn we are all part Cylon. Loved Hera being our ancestor. Liked that God wants us humanity to not die out so see if we can evetually get it right. Loved the flash to 150,000 years to our present and seeing the head figures observing humanity to see if it will start out the cycle again and leaving the episode with a big "?". Now that open-ended approach really worked with the focus on the latest news reports with regards to the advances in robotics and Jimi Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower rendering. Perfect!

This episode would have been four stars excellent had it just dealt with the mythology better than it did. Everything else was there-the vfx, the battles, the character moments, the cinematography, the scores/musical selections, a poignant sendoff for Roslin and the series. Some might say the series wasn't about the mythology. True it wasn't exclusively about it but it deserved a bit better than it got here with the investment that people put into it.

I'd rather the show never had a mythology than to resolve it this way because in the end it was a bit of a mess or at least from just one viewing and a little reflection it is a mess. I'm not budging one bit about this. It might be argued that life isn't always forthcoming with answers to its mysteries but at the end of the day the BSG is a tv show and the writers owed some answers and more interesting answers. It marred the episode. The mythology really could have been a great addition to the show in someone else's hands. And Lampkin's appearance was unnecessary and pointless other than he must be a fan favorite or more likely Moore's favorite.

And just because a great episode doesn't make up for the sloppy journey getting there. Still I voted Excellent since closer to that.
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