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Re: Battlestar Galactica Series Finale: "Daybreak, Part II"

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""Also, and this is a biggie - WHO BUILT THE TEMPLE OF THE FIVE? Why was it built after the final five rolled through town?"" As I vaguely recall this was addressed in the Ellen/Cavil flashback episode. Cavil said she and the Final Five created the temple or altered it to be a road map to their Earth or something like that.
Nah - I just watched that scene today. Cavil assumes they built it as a shrine to themselves and Ellen is like "oh, no, we didn't do that - it must be the followers of the one, true god" or something to that effect.

Mainly she means the final five did not build that temple. My question is this - who did? Why would the angels of God who are above all this create a temple to the 5 if they are agents of a single God? That makes no sense.

So there must be some other group of beings who worshiped the final five? Who?
The 13th tribe built it after they left Kobol, on the way to Earth
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