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Re: Battlestar Galactica Series Finale: "Daybreak, Part II"

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""Also, and this is a biggie - WHO BUILT THE TEMPLE OF THE FIVE? Why was it built after the final five rolled through town?"" As I vaguely recall this was addressed in the Ellen/Cavil flashback episode. Cavil said she and the Final Five created the temple or altered it to be a road map to their Earth or something like that.
Nah - I just watched that scene today. Cavil assumes they built it as a shrine to themselves and Ellen is like "oh, no, we didn't do that - it must be the followers of the one, true god" or something to that effect.

Mainly she means the final five did not build that temple. My question is this - who did? Why would the angels of God who are above all this create a temple to the 5 if they are agents of a single God? That makes no sense.

So there must be some other group of beings who worshiped the final five? Who?
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