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Re: Battlestar Galactica Series Finale: "Daybreak, Part II"

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Oh yeah that reminds me, why the hell did Leoben only appear AFTER the big final battle? Why wasn't there a single Leoben involved in the battle? I'd forgotten about him and then whoop! there he was looking at the Earth info. Weird. And what was up with Leoben and the Hybrids in the end? Were they contacted by Not-God? Were they contacted by Not-God's Angels? ... I also thought that sending off the Centurions was a questionable move. Here you go, remorseless killer robots... the only FTL capable ship in existence! Have fun!
But if Ellen was right, then the Centurions, free of the skinjobs, given their free will and belief in God, they should be fine. Plus, they know the humans they left on Earth gave up all their technology. What do they have to worry about? Not much, by my reckoning. Although there is a seemingly inevitable sequel in which we travel to the stars and encounter our ancient Cylon brethren... who have also spent the last 150,000 years evolving.
Those Centurions have 150,000 years on us. We're screwed!

Although they were underutilized, I'm glad even the Centurions got an ending.
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