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Re: Joss Whedon and the blurry line between homage and appropriation

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Where are you getting the idea that the populations of China and the United States were evacuated in their entirety or in proportion to their total populations?
Just conjecture, I admit. The explanation of the exodus from earth is extremely vague. But, even so, even if the population distribution was made equal--or even slightly skewed out of the Chinese's favor--Starship Polaris' point still stands:

Why, given their supposed dominance, not one Asian would happen at random to be part of this fairly randomly-assembled group of travelers always seemed to me to be a question that begged an explanation.
Oh, absolutely. For my part I think it was simply an idea developed in response to issues that could've been raised in its absence, however not itself being an essential ingredient in the story Whedon and co. wanted to tell it wasn't actively supported beyond those initial precepts. Given that Firefly was set not in an alternate universe but in our future, if the culture portrayed was derived exclusively from western influences many would be curious as to exactly what happened to everyone else.

Star Trek dodges the issue in part because we're seeing things almost exclusively through the eyes of Starfleet which, like most contemporary military and quasi-military institutions, tends towards its own particular monoculture.

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Clear Whedon just hates Asian people. I think he killed an Asian guy once. Just to watch him die.
Gavin's death on Angel was rather gratuitous.

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