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Plot Summary: When Picard tells Troi that he is excited the Enterprise will be hosting an archaeology symposium, she warns him not to overwork himself. Upon returning to his quarters, Picard finds Vash waiting for him, and the two enjoy each other's company until he discovers that she is still in the business of selling relics and she discovers that he never mentioned her to any of his friends after their fling on Risa. Their quarreling is overheard by Q, who has arrived to repay the debt he believes he owes Picard for Q's reinstatement in the continuum of omnipotent beings to which he belongs. When Picard refuses to play along with Q, the latter turns the crew into Robin Hood and his merry men and sends the lot of them to Sherwood Forest, where Vash - now Maid Marian - has been given the choice between marrying Sir Guy de Gisbourne or being executed. Picard and Q both believe Vash's life is in danger, and though Picard insists to Q that he is not in love with Vash, he sets off to rescue her. Vash, meanwhile, promises to marry Sir Guy and tells her rescuer that she can take care of herself, turning Picard over to Gisbourne. Q takes this as proof that love is a fickle, unworthy emotion until he discovers Vash sending a secret message to Riker asking for help saving Picard; he then turns Vash in as a traitor. Gisbourne intends to execute the lovers but the crew interrupts the proceedings and Picard kills Sir Guy in single combat. Q returns the crew to the Enterprise, but not before he persuades Vash to travel the universe with him and take her to archaeological ruins of which Picard can only dream.

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