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Re: Oh Shatner..WHY!!!!

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Hey Robert...from what I understand you'll be treated to quite a bit of tits in this movie and not so much ass...I'm sure you'll be pleased.
Oh I hope so...that will be the other reason to watch. As for seeing Shatner's ass? It isn't because I lust for it, I mean...who would. But its kind of like watching a Volcano. I wouldn't want to be up on that damn thing when it blows apart, but saying that I saw it years later would be the thrill..

So, Imagine someday, I get to say to my grandkids on my deathbed..."Kids, I saw Captain Kirk's ASS"...It would be a great event to list in my life...

I have a pile of work up to the ceiling but instead I investigated Big Bad Mama and Angie Dickenson and some slightly post pubescent babes are in it and they're having mad cap screws across the country. So there's something in it for every man...even if you're gay because you do have Shatners ass after all .
The only problem with telling your grandkids that you saw Cap't Kirks ass is they're gonna be like "who the hell is that"? I'm sorry I said that....perish the thought...I take it back and may I burn in hell from my indiscretion. made me cry!!!

But yes, I am updating my NETFLIX que right now!!!

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