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Re: Oh Shatner..WHY!!!!

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How disgusting!!! Naked ass?!?!?!? Exposed for all to see...!#$@$@#

I'll have to add this to my netflix que.
Me too...I gotta see "it"

Hey Robert...from what I understand you'll be treated to quite a bit of tits in this movie and not so much ass...I'm sure you'll be pleased.
Oh I hope so...that will be the other reason to watch. As for seeing Shatner's ass? It isn't because I lust for it, I mean...who would. But its kind of like watching a Volcano. I wouldn't want to be up on that damn thing when it blows apart, but saying that I saw it years later would be the thrill..

So, Imagine someday, I get to say to my grandkids on my deathbed..."Kids, I saw Captain Kirk's ASS"...It would be a great event to list in my life...

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