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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

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I do have to say that Ree becoming the poster child for doing outrageous things and getting away with it, without any penalties at all, is getting a bit much ... I hope he doesn't masticate or abduct any further people for, say, the remainder of the Titan book series. Just sayin'.
What's outrageous by one species' standards isn't necessarily so by another's. I'm sure there are crewmembers aboard Titan whose cultural norms would define a lot of ordinary human behavior as outrageous. Respecting diversity doesn't mean respecting aliens so long as they limit themselves to behavior that humans find normative. In a crew this diverse, there has to be a certain latitude applied in judging people's actions.

If I may ask, how do decisions on getting rid of recurring characters get made? Are they done at the editorial level? I was a little surprised to see Norellis mentioned as gone (not that he was a character I liked, but he was in the original book), and surprised about Hachesa also.
I decided I wanted to write out some minor characters, since it seemed reasonable to me that some people would transfer or resign after the events of Destiny. I told Marco which characters I had in mind, and he had no objections. Generally, the writer's job is to have the ideas, and the editor's job is to approve them, reject them, or suggest changes.

Just out of curiosity, do you have any particular favorites among the characters to write for?
Hard to say. Deanna's a longtime favorite. I quite like Ree. Torvig's fun to write, and I'm surprised at how popular and prominent he's turned out to be. But I try not to limit myself to a few favorites; I made a point this time of emphasizing characters I didn't emphasize in Orion's Hounds.
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