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Re: TNG possible remaster [technical]

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There may have been a models built for the TNG feature films but sticking to this thread if they remaster ST:TNG and recreate all of the ship shots and visual effects I can assure you it is easier for them to do ALL of them in CGI for consistency.
I'm fairly sure that Tomalak was saying that they should start from scratch on a CGI model that is based only on the 6 foot model of the E-D. The E-D in the last ENT episode was really nice but it didn't look quite like the 6 footer or the 4 footer. That's not necessarily bad though as it's going to look different simply because of the added freedom that good CGI brings for lighting and such.

Unfortunately though, all of the Trek stuff has been auctioned off, including the models. I'm sure some photos could be found of them though.

Sorry, yes, I didn't really make that clear. I meant "build" in terms of a new CGI model, not a physical one.
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