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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

Nice to see so many authors post here. Very interesting to read your thoughts on your own work, Mr. Bennett.

Obviously, I'm late to the thread, but also new to TrekBBS. I did enjoy Over a Torrent Sea, but really cannot do any better than the reviews already posted. (I never tried reviewing Trek novels after reading the reviews of the fabulous Jackie Bundy, anyway.)

I am glad to have read your comments on Ree's behavior, Mr. Bennett, because I also wasn't sure I thought Ree's actions were entirely excusable, and it did feel somewhat out of the blue, but at the end of the novel I was willing to accept the explanation given.

I do have to say that Ree becoming the poster child for doing outrageous things and getting away with it, without any penalties at all, is getting a bit much ... I hope he doesn't masticate or abduct any further people for, say, the remainder of the Titan book series. Just sayin'.

If I may ask, how do decisions on getting rid of recurring characters get made? Are they done at the editorial level? I was a little surprised to see Norellis mentioned as gone (not that he was a character I liked, but he was in the original book), and surprised about Hachesa also.

I will say I'm glad to see the recurring characters you DID use get used. Torvig is a favorite of mine, but it was nice to see some more stuff from Eviku, Bralik, and Cethente. And T'Pel, actually doing her job, and well.

The Lavena/Riker stuff on Droplet during their quasi-detention by the squales was some deep stuff. I appreciated it deeply.

Just out of curiosity, do you have any particular favorites among the characters to write for?
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