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Re: Joss Whedon and the blurry line between homage and appropriation

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So...that explains why there weren't a large number of Asians on these planets. But the Chinese outnumber Americans by at least 3:1. That's a huge number more. Are we supposed to believe all of the Chinese descendants lived on a planet we never saw?
Where are you getting the idea that the populations of China and the United States were evacuated in their entirety or in proportion to their total populations? A more plausible scenario to my mind would be a few tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of colonists watching Earth go up in flames. Even discounting that it's possible that population balances could've shifted significantly over the intervening years between now and the fall of Earth, not only through biological or social changes but also simply through geopolitics. One of the larger questions raised by the idea of China and the United States as the "last men standing" is the fate of the European Union in general and the more prosperous European states in particular, perhaps many or all of the states that presently constitute the European Union become part of the United States.

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...Unless the lack of Asian people was eventually going to be explained. Maybe there was a genocide before the exodus from Earth.
Why would the genocidal culture seek to incorporate the cultural apparatus of their victims?
I don't know, but it does happen. Ask half the communities in the American Midwest why their European-descended ancestors chose to use Native American names for their communities after exterminating them (the State of Ohio, for instance), or why English-speakers chose to keep Spanish names like "El Paso," "San Francisco," or "Los Angeles."
Now that they're all dead it's safe to remember them?

Those are fairly limited influences though, nothing as pervasive as implied in Firefly.

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