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Re: Ad Astra contest entry: The Exile

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Maybe so...but to me, it's ultimately the image of brothers that comes to mind.
Oh, I get it. Of anyone, I would. What I meant was, you immediately leapt to the conclusion because of that comment that Myasishchev meant it was a sexual attraction. I felt like pointing out that being attracted to someone in a romantic sense doesn't necessarily require a sexual component.

I will tell you, though...I did intentionally write it with a closeness that I fully expected to make some of the men uncomfortable. I fully expected to get at least one "OH NOE TEH GAYZZZZ!!!!!1!!!111111" type comment. So at least my quota is fulfilled; let's just hope others will read the discussion before they comment.
I didn't see that, either. It was a pretty simple question (and one I've gotten before myself over my writing, or for that matter, my self); I wanted it clarified myself, only because it COULD be taken as a comment such as you took it as.

I'd venture you had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction there to it; there certainly wasn't any 'OH NOE TEH GAYZZZ!!' in the question itself. And the commenter said there wasn't.

Honest to God, Nerys, the intolerance here that you speak of with the Federation's kinda showing up in your text. In the 24th century, when we've hopefully overcome this kind of prejudice, why would they fear anyone asking if they're lovers, and therefore keep their friendship quiet? If asked, they could just say, "Nope." This isn't the 20th century, or the 21st, afterall, where this is considered somehow terrible or dirty or wrong, right? So, why the fear?

I mean, unless you were trying to convey that your characters were harboring some prejudice there, that they would fear being labelled gay. In which case, intolerance goes well beyond the Federation.
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