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Re: Lost 5x09: "Namaste"

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Fuck Sawyer and his self-righteous speech to Jack. Sawyer has had three years, in a safe environment, with cars, doctors, food, water, guns, a security fence, plus a truce with his only enemies, the "hostiles".

When Jack was in charge for 108 days all the while they were being attacked from all sides by the Others with no safe haven, no security fence, little food, water, etc...

Jack did a great job keeping as many people alive as he did, right up until Widmore's people showed up and started killing everyone. And that was also partly Locke's fault because he threw a knife into the girls back and she then sent a warning to the people on the boat that there was trouble.

I like Sawyer, I love how his character has evolved, but he has no right to talk trash to Jack. Jack's the man.

Also, Jack, Kate & the rest risked everything and gave up everything to come back to the Island and save him.
Agreed. Jack didn't get anybody killed, really. Was he supposed to avoid going to the freighter and trust a guy like Ben and a nutso like Locke? And he's certainly not to blame that the Locke/Sawyer group pretty much all got killed.
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