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Re: Ad Astra contest entry: The Exile

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Finally, what's Sam's deal? Is he attracted to Mendral? He's flushing over a guy not knowing his name, so I'm curious.
Having read her other stuff, I can confidently say 'no, it's not that.' But my question is: Does it matter if it was?
Only to him.

I was genuinely curious. I found it an odd reaction. I don't think I'd normally get embarassed over a guy not recalling/knowing my name, but might if it were girl I were attracted to. Through the magic of human empathy, I placed myself in the character's shoes in order to try to understand his behavior.

I'm not saying there could be any other reason, as it takes all kinds (blushing, that is), but I thought I was zeroing in on the one, which from my perspective, seemed most likely.

This was a satisfactory answer to the substance of your question, I hope.

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